3B Lab studies cells and the cell membrane to facilitate drug delivery and improve healthcare.


Our Lab

How can we meet the ever-growing need for new biomolecules to combat multidrug resistant microorganisms and metastatic cancers?  As scientists, we look towards nature.  Nature relies on the synthesis and recombining of small building blocks to form macromolecular structures.  The 3B Lab wants to mimic this process by building new molecules from the ground up.  Our lab utilizes both combinatorial chemistry and intuitive rational design approaches.  This interdisciplinary environment at 3B enables us to pursue complex projects involving Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Biomaterials Engineering.  Our ultimate goal is to bring new molecules into healthcare settings.

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Members of our Community

"The currency of science is new, innovative ideas."  The 3B Lab believes that expanding our community to include individuals from all backgrounds is the best way to ensure we are generating the maximum currency.  To this end we try to have a diverse population of members in the lab. Please take some time to view some of our current and past lab members  by clicking below. 

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Projects in the Lab

The 3B Lab works on a variety of projects in the fields of Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Biomaterials.  If you are interested in learning more about our current projects please click below.

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Science Outreach and Career Development

The 3B Lab is involved in a number of outreach and career development programs throughout the NYC metropolitan area.  We strongly believe that fostering the growth of younger generations of scientists is the best investment in the future of the world.  To learn more about our partners in outreach and development click below.

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